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The Charros Have All-Star Fever !!



The Charros had a record 4 all-star players compete in the 2004 DMABL vs LDNFW all star game held at Ameriquest Field in Arlington. The all-star team was managed by Maurilio Marquez whom also manages the Charros. The DMABL started off hot with the bats scoring a couple of runs in the first inning. That would be all starting pitcher Reyes of the Strangers would need to get the victory. The DMABL looked very sharp on and off the field, and the fans were great except for one idiot fan who was in attendance. The fan who later we found out was the coach for the Spurs, kept yelling and hollering to put his players in. The coach clearly had too much beer and could not contain his liquor (3 bottles of O'douls). On the other hand it was an awesome experience for these young boys. "Just being in the same atmosphere as the pros is a moving experience in itself " explained Jesse Valtierra of the Dallas Charros. Congratulations go out to all the players who participated in this event.



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The Three Hustlers - Alfredo "Superman" Vasquez, Nick "El Guapo" Barrera, and Frank "Too Tall" Mireles